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The Outline of UniCarriers

The heritage of UniCarriers forklifts begins when the first Nissan Forklift rolled off the assembly line at Nissan Motor’s Totsuka Plant on August 25, 1957. Since its debut, Nissan Forklift had been a successful forklift brand under Nissan group, recognized as a leading provider of high performance material handling products. Making use of the advanced technologies derived from automotive industry, the key brand message was “keep the customers’ operation on the move.”

To expand the presence in the forklift industry even further, Nissan Forklift joined UniCarriers group in 2012 and renamed the brand to UniCarriers in 2015.

Though the brand is new, the core essence remains the same as Nissan Forklift – “keeping the customers’ operation on the move.” Thus, we are now extending this message with the addition of new product ranges, such as large forklifts and 1.0 to 3.5 ton range of electric forklifts to respond to the diversified requirements from the customers.

Our products have been supplied from the production bases in Japan, U.S., China, Thailand, Spain, Sweden and Finland. At all locations, products have been strictly checked to assure quality before delivering to our sales networks in the global markets covering each continent in the world. Our sales networks have professional engineers to provide quality service to support your operation on the move.

Timeline of UniCarriers


The first Nissan Forklift rolls off the assembly line at Nissan Motor's Totsuka Plant.


The export to the USA begins.


Manufacturing of forklift trucks start at Nissan Motor's Murayama Plant. The sales, R& D and manufacturing functions are consolidated, establishing all-in house operations.


Barrett Industrial Trucks Inc. of the USA joins Nissan Forklift group, then the local manufacture of forklift trucks begins in the USA.


Local manufacture of forklift trucks in Spain begins.


Nissan Forklift Corporation, North America (now called Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas (Marengo) Inc.) which coordinates manufacturing and sales activities in North America is established.


Nissan Forklift España S.A. (now called Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe S.A.) is established.


Takada Kogyo succeeded the production of Nissan Forklift from Nissan's Murayama Plant.


The celebration of Nissan Forklift 50th anniversary.
Atlet AB (now called Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe AB) of Sweden joins Nissan Forklift group.


Nissan Forklift Co., Ltd. is established succeeding Nissan Motor's forklift business.


Nissan Forkilift Co., Ltd. joins UniCarriers group.


The brand transition from Nissan Forklift to UniCarriers has been fully carried out.


The operation of Mitsubishi Logisnext starts. Mitsubishi Logisnext becomes the provider of UniCarriers products.