Products Line Up

3N1 Series (3 wheel, 1.3 - 2.0 ton)


  • Counterbalanced electric three wheel forklifts (Pneumatic tire model)
  • Load capacity range : From 1.3-2.0 ton
  • Power source : Electric-power
  • Pitching control system effectively reduces mast shaking quickly when moving over bump.
  • Ergonomically placed handgrip makes it easy to keep your body turned backwards.
  • Parking brake alert can be triggered if you leave the truck without applying parking brake even when the key is turned off.
  • Emergency stop button is thoughtfully placed.
  • Load indicator helps operator to be aware if the truck is overloaded. (Standard feature)

Main Truck Specifications

Load Capacity Load Center Length to fork face Wheelbase Width Min. Turning Radius
A3N1L13Q 1300kg500mm 1785mm 1220mm1090mm1410mm
A3N1L15Q 1500kg 500mm 1885mm 1320mm 1090mm 1510mm
A3N1L16Q 1600kg 500mm 1980mm 1415mm 1090mm 1605mm
A3N1L18Q 1800kg 500mm 2035mm 1415mm 1090mm 1660mm
A3N1L20Q 2000kg 500mm 2105mm 1415mm 1090mm 1690mm
AG3N1L20Q 2000kg 500mm 2185mm 1525mm 1090mm 1770mm