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Pallet Trucks (PLL/PLE/PLP)

For Higher Productivity

<Product Features>

  • Pedestrian pallet trucks (Including stand-on type pallet trucks)
  • Load capacity range : From 1.8 ton to 2.5 ton (Load center : 600mm)
  • Power source : Electric-powered motor
  • Equipped with ergonomically designed tiller arm for the truck control.
  • Personal PIN code access setting available.
  • Foldable platform is available for the stand-on type trucks. This platform gives the operator the option to stand on or walk with the truck according to the application.

Main Truck Specifications

TypeLoad capacityLoad centerTruck width
PLL 180Pedestrian1800kg600mm660mm
PLL 200Pedestrian2000kg600mm660mm
PLP 200Stand-on2000kg600mm770mm
PLP 250Stand-on2500kg600mm770mm
PMR 200Stand-on2000kg600kg770mm