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Reach Trucks (Narrow aisle, four way, swivel operations)


<Product Features>

  • Sit-on reach trucks (Electric-powered) for narrow aisle operations.
  • Power source : Electric motors
  • Diverse ranges of reach trucks including swivel trucks and four way trucks are available as follows:

Main Truck Specifications

ModelTypeLoad capacityLoad capacityTruck width
ULS 120Narrow chassis reach truck1200kg600mm1120mm
ULS 140Narrow chassis reach truck1400kg600mm1120mm
UNDNarrow chassis reach truck (Drive-in rack type)1400kg600mm1120mm
UMS 160Reach truck1600kg 600mm1270mm
UMS 200Reach truck2000kg600mm1270mm / 1397mm
UHD 200Reach truck2000kg600mm1270mm / 1397mm
UHD 250Reach truck2500kg600mm1397mm
UHXReach truck (High mast type)2000kg600mm1397mm
UFWFour way reach truck2000kg / 2500kg600mm1498mm / 1744mm
URSSwivel reach truck1250kg / 1500kg600mm1450mm