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Nichiyu's Winder continues to dynamically turn into with themes of hardware and software.

Nichiyufs winder has started since 1957 to manufacture a controller for fabric with our DC motor. After that we have manufactured various winding machines and achieved many satisfactory results.
We offer optimum machines from various choices into each industries requiring winding machines.
We offer winding test with a test machine as needed in order to start to use with assured condition.
We expand a biaxial rotary winder to various industries to contribute the reduction of loss and the increase productivity.

Target Materials

(1) High functional film sheet
(2) Separator for battery
(3) Film sheet widely used for package and container
(4) Nonwoven
(5) PSA tape
(6) Others

We always have a test machine ready. By using test materials (substrate and core), we can respond to specification and improving points regarding a plan.


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