At the Mitsubishi Logisnext Group, we have long committed to managing our business with a strong focus on sustainability in keeping with our corporate philosophy of “moving the world forward as the leading provider of innovative logistics and material handling solutions.” We will continue to work toward achieving the objectives of the sustainable development goals (SDGs*) through our business operations.

*These goals were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to contribute to a world in which “no one is left behind.” The 17 universal goals have been targeted for achievement between 2016 and 2030.

Policies related to the SDGs

As a comprehensive manufacturer of logistics equipment that supports logistics operations around the world, we support the objectives of the SDGs advocated by the United Nations, offer solutions to societal issues through our business operations, and contribute to the sustainable development of the planet and society at large while helping to build a better future.

1. Conservation of the global environment

We will strive to protect the environment with a global perspective.

2. Development of local communities

We will establish good relationships with stakeholders, offer solutions to societal issues through our business operations, and contribute to the continuous development of local communities.

3. Human resource development

We will respect the human rights, individuality, and creativity of each and every employee, provide a rewarding work environment, support personal growth, and develop personnel who are capable of supporting our global society.

4. Strengthening corporate governance

We will implement an effective corporate governance system to ensure fair and honest business practices while fulfilling our social commitments as a good corporate citizen.

Publication of the SDGs Report

We publicize our efforts to achieve the objectives of the SDGs so that all stakeholders gain a better understanding of our initiatives.


Quality Policy

  1. We will provide safe and secure products and services to customers and strive to improve customer satisfaction.
  2. We will strive to eliminate non-conforming products and will always take prompt and effective action should such an instance arise.
  3. We will raise the quality awareness of all our employees and work together with related parties to ensure the highest levels of quality.
  4. We will continuously improve our quality management system.

The Environment

Environmental Policy

We are committed to protecting the global environment from an international perspective and contributing to the ongoing development of local communities.

Targeting carbon neutrality in 2040

The realization of a carbon-neutral society is a global challenge. Maintaining the global environment is a top priority for us as well. As a member of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, which boasts a proven track record in the field of decarbonization, we believe it is our mission to take the lead in implementing climate change countermeasures. As we work to support the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group in attaining carbon neutrality in 2040, we will take steps to ensure that our businesses, products, and services become more intelligent, decarbonized and electrified.

CO2Emissions Reduction Target

Target year Reducing CO2Emissions Associated with Our Business Activities
2030 40% reduction (relative to fiscal 2017 levels)
2040 Net Zero

Environmental Reports

Our annual Environmental Reports are available as PDF files. Beginning with this 2021 issue, the Environmental Report has been integrated within the SDGs Report.

Previous editions
2020 edition (PDF: 4,354KB)
2019 edition (PDF: 2,807KB)
2018 edition (PDF: 2,280KB)

Acquisition of ISO Registration

We have established a quality management system that results in products and services that meet customer needs, and an environmental management system that seeks a sustained reduction in our environmental impact and an improved social environment through our business operations. As part of this effort, we have acquired certification of registration with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards.

Certificate of ISO 9001 registration
Certificate of ISO 9001 registration English version(PDF:398KB)
Certificate of ISO 14001 registration
Certificate of ISO 14001 registration English version(PDF:409KB)

Environmental Measures related to Products and Green Procurement

Green Procurement Guidelines English version(PDF:355 KB)
Management guidelines for products containing chemical substances English version(PDF:257 KB)